Safeguarding your mattress from bug infestations

Once in a while, everyone wants to break free from the tiresome daily routine, switch off their cell phones and tread into the land far from the maddening crowd. While some favor traveling to calm, quiet and peaceful places, others prefer places that offer the thrill and adrenaline rush. No matter what the location is, a vacation invested with family or buddies can never be a good experience without meals and good shelter. Shelter in most cases is hotels or motels as the modern day man no longer wishes to remain at a relative’s house when on a vocation. Every holiday is memorable, but it is better not to make a holiday memorable for the presence of bed bugs, crawling in your bed.


A well decorated and nicely lit room does not ensure the absolute absence of bed bugs in your bed room. In accordance with National Pest Management Association, 75% of pest manage experts have faced bed bugs infestations mostly in motels and hotels. So before settling in any hotel, the following actions are very advisable to follow:

  • Careful and effective inspection of your rooms

It would be a sensible step to inspect the room fully before in to make sure that there are no bed bugs in one’s room. One must carefully verify for any indicators that indicate the presence of these bugs. Red or reddish brown spots on mattresses, walls, bed sheets, Almeria. Sofas indicate towards the presence of bed bugs. If these spots are observed it would be wise to ask the hotel authority to alter one’s room as bed bugs are present there. In case rooms are not accessible, one can ask for a refund.

  • The precautions that need to be taken while shifting

Since bed bugs spread through travelers, shifting to adjacent rooms or room directly beneath or above the contaminated room would not be a proper choice. Bed bugs spread very fast and mostly through sockets, laundry, carts and housekeeping carts and so on.

  • The special use of covers to protect the luggage from being infested

Wrapping up one’s luggage with plastic or any other cover would help preventing the bed bugs from getting attached to one’s luggage and spreading more.

  • The precautionary measures to be employed right after a trip

Bed bugs are a commune website; these are spread by travelers as they bugs attach themselves to this luggage. Even if bed bugs unknowingly attach themselves to one’s luggage, the last precaution can be taken, that is, one must dust and vacuum one’s luggage or even wash them very cautiously immediately after their return from the journey. Garments should be properly washed in the hotel so that if there are any eggs laid by these bugs, they are killed. It is important to be clean and use hygienic methods of residing. Steaming a suitcase is also recommended for the same reason.